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How to go off Grid with Solar

Solar Panels convert the sun’s energy into electricity. Harness the abundant sunshine we experience in South Africa to power your household or business.

To go off grid with solar not only makes economic sense, but it is also the way of the future. Since the sun is a free renewable energy source, make use of the sun to pay your electricity bills! Furthermore, it is sustainable and inexhaustible and a non -polluting source of energy.

Go Green with Benjea and go off the grid with solar. We will assess your energy consumption and suggest ways in which to reduce your usage. Once a site assessment has been done, we will propose the most economic and beneficial solution to your home or business.

Going off the Grid with Benjea is the best decision you will make!

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The Benefits to go off Grid with Solar

☼ Solar is not as costly as it used to be. The prices of solar conversions are coming down and it will save you money in the long term.

☼ More and more people are embracing solar power to conserve the environment. The carbon footprint from your home or business will be reduced considerably as solar does not produce harmful pollutants. Green Energy is clean energy!

☼ Substantial savings in the long run. While the initial setup is costly, it can be financed and paid off over time. Another option is to partially convert to solar and build on the conversion as finances allow.

☼ Independence from being on the grid, even more so with the rising costs of energy. Not to mention the unreliability with ongoing load shedding.

☼ Empowerment and being in control of your energy usage. There is a sense of freedom and satisfaction in being self-sufficient.

Setting up a home or business with an off-the grid or grid-tied system is within financial reach more than you realise. Get in touch with Benjea today and go off the grid with solar!

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