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About Us

What does Solar Cost?

Energy and demand are growing considerably every day in South Africa. In fact, electricity costs are increasing at a rapid rate! (Read more at Eskom tarrifs) Furthermore, load shedding poses notable challenges. More especially to businesses and essential services. Therefore more people are choosing to convert to Solar. Nonetheless, the question everyone asks is, ‘what does Solar Cost’?

Each house and every business or industrial site have different energy needs. Hence, solar costs will vary from home to business and depend on the type of system used. Hence, we make a full assessment first. Secondly, we qualify your needs and finally we propose a solution.

In brief, affordable energy is an important side to residential, industrial, and commercial use. So, by installing one of our Solar Power Systems, you would reduce your energy use costs a fair amount.

Our Mission

Our vision at Benjea is to provide affordable, reliable, and durable power to the nation.

We make it our Mission to:

Firstly provide useful information on what solar costs. Thereby enabling you to make an informed decision.

Secondly, offer a site evaluation and provide relevant details.

Finally we prepare a personalised offer. This will include your electrical consumption profile, proposed tariff increases, return on investment and system yield.

Solar is the way of the future ! So get off the Grid, go Solar and start saving today.

Find out what Solar Costs

Contact Benjea for a customised solution to going off the Grid.

Meet The Team

Marius Colyn – Project Manager

Marius Colyn

I have been involved in projects for over 25 years. Furthermore, I have a very good understanding and clear knowledge of other aspects of projects. This includes civil, electrical, mechanical, QA/ QC, HSE and environmental Impact. Additionally, my strength lies in being a proactive leader having completed Multimillion Dollar projects. In summary, I understand my client’s requirements.

Kyle Rossman – Integration Specialist


I am an energetic and very organised person. Multitasking is key in my field of work and I take pride in being very organized and professional. I enjoy people and helping where I can.

Holly Heesen – Office Manager


I am an outgoing and kind person, always willing to help others. I have a zest for life and always endeavour to look at the positive side remaining focused. I love working with people and cannot wait to assist you.

Simon Vosser – Sales Engineer


I am a motivated, responsible, and adaptable person. I love working with people and making others’ lives easier. I have gained a vast knowledge and technical skills in my current field as well as I have a strong drive to see things through to completion. In any way I can help I’d be glad too.

Solar & Green Energy is in our DNA



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