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Are you looking to buy solar panels? Benjea offer a range of products from solar panels to inverters and batteries. We pride ourselves on products with high reliability and high return on investment. Our solar panels are resistant to harsh environments and return a high energy yield.

Apart from solar panels, we offer inverters and batteries to suit a range of needs. Hence, Benjea can support all your solar requirements to go off the grid.

Mars inverter

IMars Series Grid Tied Inverter

  • Dual MPPTs work independently and allow unbalanced input power. One MPPT maximum input is up to 60% of Max. DC power.
  • High efficiency and stable performance at entire input voltage and output power range.
  • Max. efficiency is up to 98.6%.
  • Wide input voltage range. This gives more possibilities for accepting different string configuration and different type of PV modules.
  • Bus capacitors consist of advanced film capacitors. Designed with the latest thermal simulation technology for longer lifespan.
  • Integrated intelligent DC combiner and surge protection. Improve system’s flexibility and lower the cost.
  • 5V 200mA auxiliary DC power interface is optional for system expansion.
  • AC output power is adjustable between 1-100%.
  • Reactive power control and power factor adjustable: 0.8 leading ~ 0.8 lagging.
  • RS485, Ethernet, WIFI communication modes are optional for realizing multiple monitoring solutions via PC, mobile phones, internet etc. platforms.
Deye inverter

Deye 5kw INVT

  • Max Efficiency 97.6%
  • 2 MPPT
  • Internal SPD
  • RS485/CAN
  • Zero Export
  • High Power Factor
  • Ingress Protection
  • High Surge Endurance
  • AC Coupled
  • Supports Generator connection
  • Six Time of use Setting
  • Support Multiple Parallel
Grid Tie system

48V 100AH Lithium Ion Battery

  • Intra-system balancing.
  • Flame retardant system to UL 94V- 0.
  • Good high temperature performance.
  • High cycle times and long service life.
  • Safe Lithium Iron Phosphate Technology.
  • Thousands of cycles, under normal conditions.
  • High energy density and conversion efficiency.
  • Environmental Friendly, without any heavy metal.
  • Complete with Battery Management System built-in.
  • Can use most standard VRLA chargers for this system.
  • Low self discharge rate of 2 years before required recharging.
  • Easy installation, can be in 19-inch standard cabinet or be wall-mounted.
  • Built-in automatic protection for over-charge, over-discharge & over-temperature conditions.
Gel battery

12V 250AH Gel Battery

  • Gelled electrolyte made by mixing sulphuric Acid with Silica Fume.
  • The Electrolyte is gel like, immobile and does not leak. Enabling uniform reaction of each part of the plate.
  • High rate discharge performance due to tight assembly technology.
  • Strong heat dissipation and wide operating temperature range.
  • Avoid acid mist being separated out, environmentally friendly.
  • Efficient venting system release excessive gas automatically.
  • Solar and Wind energy storage system.
  • EPS and UPS battery backup.
  • Signal system, emergency lighting system, security system.
  • Telecommunication Equipment.
  • Power plant and transmission system.
Yangtze Solar Panel

550W Mono Yangtze

  • Positive tolerance of up to 5W delivers higher output reliability.
  • Higher module conversion efficiency (up to 21.46%) benefit from Passivated Emitter Rear. Contact (PERC) Technology.
  • Eagle Modules pass PID test. Limited power degradation by PID test is guaranteed for mass production.
  • Advanced Glass and solar cell surface texturing. Allows for excellent performance in low-light environments.
  • Certified to withstand: Wind Load (2400 Pascal) and Snow Load (5400 Pascal).
  • High salt, mist and ammonia resistance certified by TUV NORD.
  • Ten Year warranty.
  • 25 Year Linear Power Warranty.

Trina Vertex Mono 475W

  • Power Range 475W – 505W.
  • Lower  LCOE (Levelized cost of Energy) Reduced BOS (Balance of System)cost. Shorter payback time.
  • Lowest guaranteed first year and annual degradation. Extended 30 year Warranty.
  • Designed for compatibility with existing mainstream system components.
  • Higher Return on Investment.
  • Large area cells based on 210mm silicone wafers and 1/3-cutcell technology.
  • Up to 21.0% module efficiency with high density interconnect technology.
  • High reliability.
  • Resistant To harsh environments such as salt, ammonia, sand and high temperature/humidity areas.
  • Mechanical performance up to 5400Pa positive load and 2400Pa negative load.
  • High Energy Yield.
  • Certified to fire class A.
  • Up to 25% additional power gain from back side depending on albedo.
trina vertex

Trina Vertex Mono II

  • Power Range 480-505W.
  • Lower LCOE (Levelized Cost of Energy), reduced BOS (Balanced of System) cost, shorter payback time.
  • Guaranteed lower first year and annual degradation.
  • Designed for compatibility with existing mainstream system components.
  • Higher return on investment.
  • Large area cells based on 210mm silicon wafers and 1/3-cut cell technology.
  • Up to 21.1% module efficiency with high density interconnect technology.
  • Multi-busbar technology for better light trapping effect, lower series resistance and improved current collection.
  • High Reliability.
  • Resistant to harsh environments such as salt, ammonia, sand and high temperature and high humidity areas.
  • Mechanical performance up to 5400 Pa Positive Load and 2400 Pa Negative Load.
  • High Energy Yield.

Solar Panels and Products

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