Our Solar Systems Explained

Off the grid system

Off Grid Systems

When you are tired of the inconsistent grid power of Eskom, or if you are busy building a new home and don’t want to pay the connection fees. We can take you off the grid.

Grid Tie system

Grid Tie System

This system consists of solar panels and an inverter, which takes over your daily electricity usage.

However when there is a power outage you will not have any back-up power, even though there is sunlight available. This is due to the compliance our inverters follow under the NRS097 Regulation which states any solar system that is connected to the Grid will switch off when there is a power outage. This then supplies you with great savings on you bill having a return on investment within 3-5 years.

Grid Tie system

Hybrid System

These systems look at providing you with both cost savings and power security during load shedding.

This is the best of both worlds and the most popular solar system we are currently offering.

Back up System

Back up System

This is purely a back-up system. When power fails, you have a back up. Ensuring your lifestyle is not affected by outages.

In this case you have an inverter designed to your required needs and battery back-up power for desired number of hours

borehole pumps

Solar Borehole System

For when you have a borehole and you want to reduce your pumps’ electrical usage. A solar pump would be your answer.

We can also help you with the filtration for your borehole water ensuring it is safe for you and your animals to drink from. We would take water samples and have the water tested by laboratories.

water harvesting system

Water Harvesting Systems

Collecting the rains water and filtering out all the sediment and bacteria to have clean fresh water.

Ensuring you have water security when you are has no water due to a burst pipe. When you don’t have water “things get messy quickly”.

Servicing and repairs

Servicing and Repairs

When there are existing solar systems up and running and you are in need of a service or maintenance. We offer a full turnkey solution with cleaning panels and doing a system check with our solar test equipment, bought from Europe which can detect any fault in a solar system and give a full detailed report in regard to the efficiency and safety of your system.

This will be done by our experienced team of experts, having ten years experience in the solar game.

recording and monitoring

Recording and Monitoring

Once a client is interested in getting a system, We look at doing a diagnostic report on your electricity usage over a 24 hour period, for the duration of a week and we are then able to determine your load profile and how to design a system that will work for your individual needs.

This helps to create an individual system for each one of our clients. Give us a call or an email today.



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